Tsing Capital

Established in 2001, Tsing Capital is the leading cleantech venture capital firm in China. Through its China Environment Fund series, Tsing Capital works intimately with its portfolio companies across China in areas of new energy, energy efficiency, environmental protection, cleaner production, sustainable transportation, new materials and sustainable agriculture.

Tsing Capital’s dedication to cleantech investment is recognized by numerous awards, including the 2005 “Pioneer Award” and the 2008 “Cleantech Leadership Award”, both by the Cleantech Group, the “China VC/PE Green Investment Leadership Award” by the China Environment Investment Network in four consecutive years from 2009 to 2012 and “Top 50 VC/PEs in China” by Zero2IPO in ten consecutive years from 2003-2012.

Tsing Capital champions the “Triple Bottom Line” investment practice and its own “Doing Well by Doing Good ©” investment philosophy in China, which has won itself “Social Investor of the Year in Asia” in 2012 by PE Asia and the 2009 “China’s Outstanding Corporate Citizen” by the China Committee of Corporate Citizenship and Ministry of Civil Affairs, the first of its kind awarded to the VC/PE community. In 2010, Tsing Capital was selected as one of the 10 “Companies That Will Shape the World in 2020” in Aron Cramer’s book Sustainable Excellence. With a distinguished track record, international recognition and operating within a giant market, Tsing Capital has become a frontrunner in global cleantech investment and selected as the best case practice in Doing Well and Doing Good by the World Bank and a case study in sustainable investment by Harvard Business School.

Mr. Don Ye, Tsing Capital’s Founding Managing Partner, was selected by the Chinese government for the "Recruitment Program of Global Experts" (ie, the "One Thousand Talents Scheme") and the "Beijing Overseas Talent" program in 2012. In addition, he was selected as one of forty “China’s Most Powerful People 2009” (BusinessWeek), 2009-2013 Top 50 Venture Capitalist (Forbes), 2009 Stars of China (BusinessWeek China), 2008-2013 “Forbes China People 100” and 2008-2011 “Green Investment – VC/PE Person of the Year”.

China Environment Fund 

China Environment Fund, established and managed by Tsing Capital since 2002, is the first series of funds in China with a focus in cleantech and environment related investments. China Environment Fund invests across areas such as new energy, energy efficiency, environmental protection, cleaner production, sustainable transportation, new materials and sustainable agriculture. 

As the one of the global pioneers and first movers in pure-play cleantech venture capital investment in China, China Environment Fund has established a proven record of generating financial returns while achieving environmental and social goals. China Environment Fund has a series of four funds that amounts to USD 600 million, and is invested by some of the most recognized institutions across the world. These include key development financial institutions, renowned family offices, major financial institutions and strategic multinational corporations/Fortune 500 companies.

Doing Well By Doing Good ©

In a time when corporate social responsibility is widely needed, Tsing Capital, through its fifteen year practice of sustainable and responsible investing, strives to implant the DNA of good corporate behavior into future business stars, sowing the seeds of corporate citizenship in the development of rising private companies. 

Tsing Capital is the first private equity firm in China to implement international social and environmental (S&E) standards in its investment. CEF 2002, as the first in the series, pioneered the triple bottom line investment (TBLI) philosophy. While generating excellent financial returns, CEF 2002 mentors its portfolio companies to achieve important social and environmental returns. CEF 2004 exemplified sustainable and responsible investment (SRI) in the Chinese private equity industry. It believes and demonstrates S&E compliance strengthens core competence and enhances financial valuation in portfolio companies.

Distilled from his experience, in 2007 “Doing Well by Doing Good©” (DWDG) was coined by Mr. Don Ye, Managing Partner of China Environment Fund, and became the motto of Tsing Capital. Tsing Capital continues to work with internationally renowned S&E conscious limited partners and collaborate with policy makers, industrial players and sustainability experts to develop a growing stable of highly successful and sustainable companies.

Tsing Capital’s achievement in generating social and environmental returns is recognized by the business community. In December 2008, Tsing Capital, the fund manager of CEF, received the 2008 China’s Best Corporate Citizenship Growth Award at the China’s Corporate Citizenship Forum hosted by the 21st Century Business News Group. This is the first time that an award of its kind has been given to the venture capital/private equity (VC/PE) industry. One year on in December 2009, Tsing Capital’s continuing contributions to its social and environmental responsibilities was acknowledged via the 2009 China’s Outstanding Corporate Citizen by the China Committee of Corporate Citizenship and Ministry of Civil Affairs.  In 2012, Tsing Capital won itself the award of “Social Investor of the Year in Asia” by PE Asia.