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Air Quality

Provider of central air cleaning system including fresh air introduction, air purification, kitchen exhausting system, VOC removing etc.

AirQuality is a leading air purification brand in Europe, subordinated to Spanish Herver-9S.L Company, with its headquarters located in Barcelona, Spain. Airquality has been providing high-tech appliances based on micro-electrostatic technologies for European clients for over 20 years. AirQuality Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, headquartered in Shanghai providing professional solutions in air refreshing & purification, kitchen exhaust treatment , VOC removing etc. AirQuality's air purification system is widely used in high standard apartments, houses, office buildings, hotels, schools, hospital and other government facilities. Its major clients include Wanda Group, Beijing Capital Land, Wanke Group, Marriott etc. 


Environmental Protection

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